Our Story

Warren Emblidge President/Owner of McCullagh CoffeeWarren Emblidge, President/Owner of McCullagh Coffee, has practiced sustainability since childhood when he learned, as a Scout, to “leave the campsite better than you found it”. His entire family has fully embraced the principles for living sustainably:

  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Don’t compromise future generations and
  • Accept the natural limit of our earth’s resources.

McCullagh’s introduction to genuine sustainability practices in our business occurred in 2007 at the Rainforest Alliance 20th Anniversary Celebration. The Rainforest Alliance™’s   intellectual framework, guiding principles and implementation practices compelled Warren to formally adopt the mission to make McCullagh a genuinely sustainable enterprise by our 150th Anniversary.

His first challenge was to holistically address the coffee product line; where the most damage to the environment can occur. He chose to adopt “best practices”, not only in the sourcing but in the production and packaging of his coffee.

McCullagh Coffee served in dinerDespite many obstacles, the McCullagh team was able to

  • Eliminate oil based film and replace it with a non- Genetically Modified Organism compostable one
  • Develop processes that encapsulate ground coffee with natural flavoring in order to lower the environmental impact by reducing the beans required by 20% per cup
  • Source exclusively from Rainforest Alliance ™ Certified plantations
  • Utilize Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) Certified outer cartons
  • Utilize only Soy based inks for printing

McCullagh Coffee on Pearl Street in historic BuffaloAs a result they have collectively solved the most vexing, environmental and social problems facing the production and distribution of coffee today.

After years of dedicated developmental effort, McCullagh is proud to offer Ecoverde coffees as a new addition to their 140 years of roasting expertise.

Ecoverde – An economically, environmentally and socially sustainable choice!