ecoverde coffee vs kcup landfill waste

ecoverde coffee logo K-CUP
Coffee Used per 8oz Cup 7 grams 11 grams Eliminates Landfill Waste.
Ecoverde packaging is certified compostable. Comparably, nearly 2.9 billion non-recyclable K-Cups were sold last year. That’s nearly 90 million pounds of landfill waste!
Coffee Sustainability 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified 25% Fair Trade Certified1 Helps Coffee Farmers.
Rainforest Alliance Certification prohibits forced & child labor practices, while helping ensure good working conditions and access to health & safety programs.
Typical Brewing Equipment Bunn VP17 – Serviceable & Made in the USA Keurig B150 – Unserviceable & Made in China Conserves Natural Resources.
Enjoy better coffee while using 36% less coffee grounds by weight in each delicious cup.
Finished Cost per 8oz Cup $0.09 $0.67 Saves You Money.
Ecoverde Coffees cost about 85% less than K-Cups.
Notes: 1GMCR reported that Fair trade Certified coffees represented approximately 25% of total coffee purchases in Fiscal 2011; individual K-Cup products may contain a higher or lower percentage. K-Cup cost based on price as of 6/11/12

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